10 Actors Who Got Ripped For Their New Movies

When actors are asked to prepare for certain roles, their preparations tend to extend well beyond the mere memorization of their lines. In many instances, an actor will have to transform their body in order to win the role that they desire. Acting goes much deeper than simply reciting the lines that you have memorized once the camera is on.

It is about slipping in the role and allowing yourself to truly become the character. The best actors in the world know how to embody the people that they are playing and that is why we are drawn to performances that require a physical transformation. Let’s take a closer look at the following ten actors who made the necessary changes and wowed audiences as a result.

Zac Efron may have gotten his start as a scrawny teenager, but all it took was a serious workout regimen (and a little help from The Rock) to achieve his Baywatch bod.

Chris Pratt was known for having the “dadbod” that so many of us possess, but when it was time to become a franchise superstar, he got shredded in short order.

Paul Rudd’s comedic past did not require a six pack, but now that he’s Ant-Man? He has become incredibly athletic and fit.

Mark Wahlberg’s role in Pain and Gain required an insane training schedule. He added 40 pounds of muscle for the Michael Bay film and even ate 10 meals per day.

Chris Evans was cast as Captain America and he took his training regimen to the next level in order to fulfill the audience’s expectations.

Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool body did not happen overnight. He ate a cardboard diet and woke up everyday at 4 AM to bring the audience’s vision of this iconic antihero to life.

Kevin Hart’s comedic background did not prepare him for his new role as an action film star and he has since whipped himself into shape by running marathons.

Southpaw required Jake Gyllenhaal to extend his typical workout schedule. Three hours per day became six and this schedule even caused him to lose his relationship.

Hugh Jackman completely eliminated sugar and alcohol to achieve his Wolverine body and it shows!

J.K. Simmons isn’t exactly the first name that we picture when we think of hard body hunks, but since his casting in the latest iterations of the Justice League and Terminator franchises, the 62 year old has taken on a workout regimen few men his age could handle.

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