10+ Of The Best Dog And Owner Halloween Costumes Of All Time

While there are no shortage of reasons to get a dog of your own, one of the most underrated benefits is having the chance to dress them up in fun Halloween costumes. There are some owners who are content to simply place a spooky hat on their dog and call it a day. Meanwhile, there are others who love to pick out matching costumes to wear with their pup.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the best dog/owner Halloween costumes of all time. If you’re anything like us, you will have a tough time deciding on the best one!

1. If you are like the legions of others who have fallen under the Game of Thrones spell, then this is one of the best costumes that you are ever going to see.

2. Do you have a dog who has the ability to sit still long enough for you to put the wig and glasses on? If so, then you can emulate this Wayne’s World costume.

3. Dogs love the taste of a good old fashioned hot dog and this family’s costume choice pays homage to one of our dogs’ favorite treats.

4. Our dogs are well known for their acrobatic feats of amazement. So what better costume to showcase their awesomeness than a tandem circus set?

5. This spaghetti/meatballs combination is a clever way to dress up with your dog and have the ability to carry them from party to party.

6. Star Wars fans are going to be over the moon for this costume idea. We are getting misty just looking at this little Chewbecca!

7. Even if this costume did not include the famous moon, you could still put it together rather easily. All it takes a bicycle with a basket, a red hooded sweatshirt and a dog, of course.

8. All of the video game aficionados who grew up during the 1990s and want to display their nostalgia this coming Halloween are more than welcome to swipe this awesome idea for themselves.

9. The Harry Potter fans who are reading this story may feel neglected and before they decide to send angry comments, they should check out this awesome human/dog combo costume.

10. If your dog is the perfect sidekick for your little one, then what better costume is there to choose from than this Batman and Robin get up?

11. Looking for a costume that won’t annoy your poor dog too much? Sushi and soy sauce is here to save the day!

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