10 Men Before & After Shaving Their Beards That You Won’t Believe Are The Same Person

In a world where beards have become a wee bit trendy, there are a wide range of men who are growing out their facial hair in an effort to enhance the ruggedness of their look. While there are some who love beards and encourage men to grow them out as soon as possible, there are others who are not big fans of facial hair and wish that this trend would go the way of all the others of its ilk.

There are some men who simply look better with a beard and there are others who undergo an amazing transformation just by shaving theirs off. We have taken the liberty of compiling various photos of these transformation and if you would like to see these dramatic changes for yourself? We definitely urge you to read on and check out these formerly hirsute men!

This man’s face has more of an orderly appearance and in our humble opinion? He is better off without the big ‘ol scraggly beard.

Kyle Amor decided to shave off all of his hair and his entire beard and his reason for doing so was adorable: he was trying to raise money for charity.

It took Matt three years to grow this tremendous beard and all of a few moments to get rid of it.

This is yet another person who looks completely different with or without an awesome beard to mask their face.

By electing to shave off this beard, our friend here decided to make an instant jump from rough and tumble mountain man and became a baby face instead.

What a hilarious set of pictures. If you ever wanted to see the evolution of beard loss, this is a great way to find out for yourself.

This man’s wife told him to shave off his beard and she probably never expected that she would force him to look like a woman as a result of this decision.

As for this beard transformation, we are most shocked by the fact that this man’s beard led to his neck tattoo finally becoming visible from this point of view.

Getting rid of a nine month old beard might seem blasphemous to some, but prostate cancer research is a very worthy cause in our book.

We are not quite sure what the motivation was here, but our funny bone definitely approves.

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