10+ Pictures Of Daughters And Mothers Who Look Exactly The Same Age

When mothers pass their excellent genes down to their daughters, they are often blessed to raise children who are their spitting images. Seeing a little girl who looks just like a miniature version of their mother warms the heart and when these little girls grow up to look exactly like their mommy, the resemblance is often uncanny enough to turn heads.

You can definitely see it in certain families and that’s why we have taken the time to collect some of the most obvious examples. These mothers and daughters could easily pass for siblings and we just want to know the beauty regimen secrets of some of these mothers. Many of these mothers do not look like as if they are even a single day over the age of 25!

This mom has been photographed with her two daughters and this Australian family made their news because so many people were mistaking them for triplets.

Good luck trying to guess which one of these women is supposed to be the mother. We’ll give you a big hint…she is on the right!

While this girl is in the midst of celebrating her birthday, her mother looks like she is fresh off her sweet sixteen bash herself.

Modeling runs in this family and the mother and daughter of Duran Duran’s Simon Le Bon turn heads wherever they go.

Lure Hsu took this amazing photograph and we swear on everything we love that the woman in the middle is a 63 year old mother.

These two actresses are in the midst of building a Nanda family dynasty and they are often mistaken for sisters, despite the fact that Shweta is Navya’s mother.

Can you successfully pick out the mother from this photo? Here she is with her twin daughters!

This mother and her daughter look so much alike, they even won a contest for it. We surely cannot imagine why!

Here’s another set of contestants from a lookalike contest that took place in the St. Louis region. We simply cannot tell who is supposed to be who in this instance.

These two gorgeous ladies have us stumped and had we not known that the mother is the vision on the right with the curls in her hair, we never would have guessed who was who.

This mother is an ageless wonder and these two resemble carbon copies.

If these photos left you as baffled and amazed as they did us, then be sure to pass them along to your friends and loved ones immediately!

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