11 Brutally Honest Comics For People With A Dark Sense Of Humor

If you need a chuckle to get yourself through that super long work day, we are definitely here for you. These comics are darkly humorous and they always come to conclusions that you would not expect. Be sure to check them out when you are trying to make your way through the day.

This comic is way too easy to relate to. After all, who hasn’t had that moment where they decide it is time to smile, only for life to come into play and decide that it is NOT time to smile?

As for this caterpillar, we cannot say that we blame them for their reaction here. How dare this silly butterfly taunt them like that? If anything, we believe that this smug butterfly definitely has this punishment coming.

When this shark swims up to these two men, you would be forgiven for expecting a typical joke where the shark eats one of them or both of them. This comic takes a very dark turn and we hate ourselves for laughing this hard.

In a world where people are constantly correcting one another for using the wrong identification pronouns, this story of a meeting between three different animals will have you holding your sides.

This depiction of a bear attack is noteworthy because of the peaceful resolution that took place, but we do want to warn readers that they should probably not try to emulate this strategy.

If you have ever found yourself hoping to be able to read their minds of women, this comic is here to warn you that you might not like the information that you receive as a result.

The grass is typically considered to be greener on the other side and this conversation between a beautiful flower and its dandelion counterpart definitely brings the phrase full circle.

This homage to Simon and Garfunkel is as hilarious as it is pitiful. Just imagine being so undesirable that even the darkness does not wish to spend time around you.

We always read about fancy marriage proposal and the lengths to which husbands will go to set them up. We are guessing that the man in this comic wishes he would have come up with a different plan.

A son’s refusal to listen to his father leads to a hilarious outcome here, but his enthusiasm will definitely wane once he is faced with a fly swatter or a face full of bug spray.

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