11 reason why every gardener needs to use epsom salt

While most know Epsom salt for its ability to treat achy and sore muscles, it can be used in a number of different gardening contexts. If you would like have a greener thumb and utilize less chemicals in the future, read on to learn more about the best ways to use Epsom salt in your garden.


Controlling pests is made much easier with Epsom salts. All it takes is a slight sprinkle in your flower beds or gardens to make snails and slugs a thing of the past. You can create a helpful solution with a gallon of warm water and two tablespoons of salt.


A greener lawn is well within your grasp and you can spread Epsom salt by hand or with a seed spreader for best results.


To kill off weeds, use a quarter cup of dish soap, a gallon of white vinegar and two cups of Epsom salt. The salt dehydrates the weeds and causes them to die off more quickly.


Wish to increase your yield when it comes to tomatoes and peppers? A tablespoon of Epsom salt per day and immediate watering will help.


When you are growing sweet fruits, sprinkle a handful of Epsom salt into the soil during the first few weeks of growth for best results.


Leaves that are yellowed and in need of revitalization can definitely benefit from Epsom salt, as a little spritz can work wonders.


Got a palm tree in your yard that you wish to keep vibrant? A cup or two of Epsom salt can be applied to the trunk.


Before you plant your roses, take a moment to soak the roots in a mixture that is comprised of a gallon of water with a half cup of Epsom salt dissolved inside.


Thanks to Epsom salt’s high sulfur and magnesium content, those who wish to nourish their soil and fertilize their gardens benefit immensely from its usage.


What about seed germination, though? Epsom salt can be added to the soil before planting and it simply takes a tablespoon or two.


Be sure to pass along these excellent gardening hacks to your closest friends and family members as soon as possible!

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