13-Year-Old Built His Own Tiny House for $1,500. Take A Look At The Inside

The tiny house has become a popular craze in recent years and for very good reason. These houses can be built anywhere at any time. They are found in the middle of larger lots and they can also be found in the tiniest locations (fitting). Some tiny house builders are looking to downsize and others are just getting started out in the world.

Out of all these tiny house builders, there is one special young man who stands apart. More and more children are getting in on the act of tiny house building. Luke Thill is a 13 year old boy who has decided to construct his own tiny house and the work that he has done would put a number of adult contractors to shame. The Iowa middle schooler is now a proud homeowner!

Luke fell down the tiny house rabbit hole on YouTube like so many of us. Unlike the rest of us, he was not content to simply watch a few online clips. After seeing all of the tiny houses that exist in the world, he was inspired to come up with his own unique creation. When he asked his parents if they were supportive of the idea, his father had just one condition that needed to be followed.

The boy was able to build his own tiny house as long as he funded the project himself. He came up with the money he needed by doing odd jobs around the neighborhood and bartering when necessary. He was also given his own area of the family’s property to construct the home. It took him a year (and a little help from the family), but he was able to finish the project.

Thanks to his awesome bartering skills, he was able to receive wiring and carpeting assistance from local professionals. The finished product only takes up 89 square feet. A folding table, television set, seating area and mini fridge can be found inside. The home even has hidden storage spaces, a smoke alarm and a loft area where Luke sleeps in periodically.

He’s created a YouTube channel to showcase his awesome new home and the tour clip has already amassed over three million views. We love that Luke took the initiative to turn his idea into a reality. The next time you start to complain about “kids these days”, it is important to remember that kids like Luke are still willing to go the extra mile.

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