14 adorable before and after photos of animals over the years

Animal friendships are too adorable for words and they share everything with one another. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most adorable pictures of animals growing old together that we have ever seen.

Mtani the labrador and Kasi the cheetah make for quite the odd couple, don’t they?


Have you ever seen Fox and The Hound? Moose the dog and Jupiter the fox are the real life version!


These twin cats have some of the most piercing eyes that we have ever seen, it is truly hard to look away.


This before and after will have you chuckling at this poor little terrier’s expense.


These pals prove that our best friends are always going to be the ones that have our back.


With names like Pumpkin and Oreo, it is definitely not hard to tell who is who.


The dog and bunny are always going to best buds, no matter how big or small they become.


While Stuart the guinea pig and Milo the dog might be of a different species, they are still able to rock matching hairstyles.


Peanut the pug and Keeva the French bulldog have become inseparable walking buddies.


There’s no arguing about who gets the shotgun seat here, as these two buddies have long since learned how to share.


Is this a friendship photo or the first official meeting of the Floppy Ears Club?

A set of quadruplets isn’t something you see on an everyday basis, especially not a set of ducklings and dogs!


For some kitten owners, the prospect of them outgrowing their beds might seem problematic, but for Renley and Lili, this only seems to have brought them even closer together.


These two definitely remind us of Ratatouille, as Riff the rat and Osiris the dog are pals in and out of the kitchen.


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