14 Creative DIY Halloween Costume Ideas For Couples

With Halloween coming up around the corner, scrambling to find costumes as a couple can be tough! This DIY guide of creative costumes will make you a smash hit at your Halloween parties…

1. Jon Snow & Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones

2. Ouija Board game set

Ouija anyone? Happy halloween! #halloween #ouijaboard #summerlandbc #troutcreek #winemaker #couplehalloweencostume #spooky

A post shared by Thornhaven Winery (@thornhavenwinery) on

3. Double Stuff Oreos

4. A bar of soap and a loofa

Happy Halloween from your loveable soap and loofah! #halloween2016 #couplecostumes #happydance #rubadubdub

A post shared by Josephine Tseng (@rainbowflowerunicorn) on

5. Baywatch Baes

6. Space and NASA

When I look at the stars, I think of you. #scifiparty

A post shared by AmazinGrace (@gracechanin) on

7. Stranger Things

Happy Halloween from Joyce Byers and the Alphabet Wall of Stranger Things! 💡📞🔤

A post shared by Brandy Saldana (@willbakeforshoes) on

8. Dead Battery and Dead Service

9. Rum and Coke

10. Milk and Cookies

11. Bob Ross and The Happy Little Tree

12. Jack and Flo

13. Forrest Gump and Jenny

14. Party Animals

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