14 Stunning Before & After Transformations Of People Who Quit Drugs

We all know about the dangers of drugs, but we are not always aware of the effect that they can have on our bodies. These before and after photos are a stark reminder of the damage that drugs can do and serve as a powerful testament to the power of recovery.

Can you believe that the woman in this before photo actually became a happy and smiling mother to a beautiful child? What an amazing transformation!

This transformation is also quite startling, as this woman went from being a heroin addict to being strikingly gorgeous.

This woman’s heroin addiction caused her to develop a severe acne problem but we are glad to see that is over with now.

Crystal meth is a growing problem across the country and these photos serve as a reminder of the damage it can do.

Heroin nearly drove this woman into the abyss, but she fought her way out and has now been sober for over 800 days and counting.

However, drugs aren’t the only thing people become addicted to. Check out this amazing transformation this man enjoyed after kicking his food dependency.

The man in this photo was once in the throes of a cocaine addiction and is now fit and healthy after surviving a prison stint that his habit caused.

Can you believe these puffy and bloodshot eyes were hiding such vibrancy? This is a change that we can hardly fathom.

The fact that the crystal meth addict in this mugshot and the clean cut man to his right are the same person is absolutely mind boggling.

Imagine being addicted to heroin as a child. Thanks to the help of one kindly social worker, this young man now has a whole new lease on life.

Thanks to a 90 day rehab stint, this woman no longer looks like the crystal meth addict that she once was.

This meth victim has also recently rediscovered her joy and from the looks of it, she is very proud of her achievement.

From skin and bones to a healthy physique…it is amazing what a life without cocaine can do for someone.

Painkillers and meth were her drugs of choice, but now this woman is only getting high on life.

This story serves as a reminder of how drugs can ruin lives. Everyone deserves a second chance and we hope this story inspires others in the process!

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