15 AIM Away Messages You Definitely Had Growing Up

Your Away Message, or my new favorite Twitter account, brings back all the painful memories of the times you had to leave your computer growing up.

Welp, we have some sad news…AOL Instant Messenger is SHUTTING DOWN!

Reciting song lyrics

Making sure people don’t creep while you’re away

When you realize your childhood AIM name needs to be udpated

More song lyrics that express how you truly feel

When you had a crush on someone and spent an hour trying to think of the funniest message to leave them

LMK if i forgot you…Classic!

Story of everyone’s life during this time…Minus the gym.

When you tell people not to IM you, but you really want them to ask what’s wrong

When you tell inside jokes to the rest of the world even though they don’t understand

The standard away message

Song lyrics for dayzzzzz

Sexual jokes

When you borrow your parent’s computer

Trying to get frisky on AIM

Letting people know you are alone and wanna hang

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