15 T-Shirts From Asia That Failed To Translate To English

Languages are one of the most beautiful things that distinguish different parts of the world. But when a language is translated to English, sometimes it doesn’t quite say what it should. Be prepared to LOL at every single one of these…

15. This kindergartener in China has no idea what she is wearing

14. Hopefully this girl in Tokyo doesn’t know what that means

13. This shirt wins

12. Umm…OK?

11. This Chinese girl doesn’t know English, but this is her favorite top to wear running

10. Who?

9. This kid likes to party

8. This is one grandma you don’t wanna mess with

7. This grandma likes to “eat out” a lot apparently

6. This little girl had a rough night

5. She likes her sweets I guess

4. Where does this guy bank?

3. No it won’t

2. Chocolate Jesus?

1. Stay in your vegitables

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