15 Ways Life Changes After You Turn 25

While we are always down to have fun at any age, the manner in which we choose to go about it tends to differ as we grow older. Let’s take a closer look at the 16 telltale signs that you are starting to settle into the life of a grown up.

Being single starts to take on a whole new meaning. The concept of allowing your dating life to fall by the wayside becomes less and less crazy. Before you know it, staying in on a Saturday night to spend time with your pets seems normal.

Birthdays stop being a big deal. Once you reach a certain age, you are going to be lucky if anyone even remembers.

Dating becomes easier in certain respects. We now possess the self confidence to go after the people we want and ditch the ones who play games more quickly.

The concept of remaining “in style” also becomes far less important, as we become more worried about being comfortable.

Breakups become even more difficult to deal with, but we also have the ability to place them in their proper perspective as we grow older.

The days of sleeping off a hangover and jumping right back into the world of drinking end at some point. Once you’re over 25, nursing a hangover becomes a day long ordeal.

Remember when weekends were something that we looked forward to so that we could party with friends? Now they’re used for reading books and catching up on sleep.

Social media usage takes on a whole new dimension when we’re older. No more taking party pics to impress pals, now its all about using it to stay in touch with all the people from our pasts.

The decision to have children is treated with the proper gravitas. Asking yourself whether you are truly ready is a major rite of passage.

The idea of heading to the bar and having just a beer or two before heading home for a good night’s sleep becomes a lot more appealing.

Working out is not an option anymore and those who believe that their bodies will maintain the same shape that they had in their youth are only fooling themselves.

Music tastes shift from “whatever everyone else is listening to” to “my own carefully curated playlist of classics”.

Having a place that you are proud of and that remains stocked with healthy food is a new source of pad. No more bachelor (or bachelorette) pad filled with old pizza boxes!

Education is all about learning and less about partying…which is how it should have been in the first place.

Taking proper care of your finances also becomes a much higher priority. Just because you have money doesn’t mean that you blow every dime at the bar.

After 25, guess what age is just around the corner……

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