16 Mind-Blowing Facts About The Human Body

There is a lot to learn from science and when it comes to the human body, there are all sorts of facts that will either astonish you or turn your stomach. Once you take a look beyond your fleshy exterior, there are a wide range of secrets to discover. Be sure to read on and check out these 16 facts about the human body that are bound to amaze you.


Your body’s stomach acid is powerful enough to make a razor blade dissolve. This is one that you may want to take the word of the experts on, though.


You can live without a fair amount of your internal organs. Your stomach, spleen and groin area organs are all unnecessary and you can survive without them.


We lose a pound and a half worth of dead skin each year and its outer layer completely regenerates every two to four weeks.


While those who have broken bones might disagree, they are actually stronger than steel. 19,000 pounds of steel can be placed onto a cubic inch of bone without breaking it, depending on how rapidly the force is applied.


Our eye color does not remain static as we age. If the change takes place too rapidly, you may be experiencing pigmentary glaucoma or Horner’s syndrome.


The surface area of our lungs is wide to cover the entirety of a tennis court. Could they withstand a Serena Williams serve, though?


If you combined the strength of every hair on your head, you could support the weight of two fully grown elephants.


Your need to eat will win any standoff that takes place with your need to sleep. The human body can survive for three weeks without food and just eleven days without sleep.


The majority of your hands’ strength is summoned from the pinky. If you were to lose a pinky finger, your hand would lose at least half of its strength.


The strongest muscle in your body is not the biceps or triceps. It is actually the jaw muscle.


The small intestine is actually much longer than the large intestine. At a length of 20 feet, the small intestine can be looped through the rim of a basketball hoop and still touch the ground on either end.


If you were to lay out the average adult’s blood vessels from end to end, it would cover over 500,000 sprints across the entirety of a football field.


An albino human does not actually have red eyes. Since there is no pigment in the iris, this creates the effect that causes us to perceive the eyes as being red.


The human body can produce up to four gallons of swear per day, even if you are healthy. But the body will not allow you to sweat until you die, shutting down before you have a chance to run out of liquid.


Your body produces enough heat over the course of an hour to power a light bulb over the same time period.


Over the course of our lifetimes, our bodies create enough saliva to successfully fill two swimming pools.

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