$188 Million Powerball Winner Hears A Knock At Door, Horrified To See Her Pastor Waiting

When Marie Holmes was the lucky winner of a massive Powerball jackpot back in 2015, she knew that her life was going to change forever. She elected to receive her winnings in a lump sum format and walked away a cool $188 million richer. While many may know her as the woman who spent $21 million just to repeatedly bail her criminal boyfriend out of jail, this story goes much deeper than a simple bail payment.

Marie is currently being sued by her pastor for $10 million and his reasons for doing so will stun you. Pastor Kevin claims that he met with Marie in her home and that he ministered to her and others who were present at the time. He asked her to donate some of her winnings and his reasons for doing so happened to be quite dubious. The pastor wanted millions in order to purchase a plot of land that he had his eyes on.

Holmes gave the pastor some of the money that he needed in order to purchase the land, donating $700,000. The pastor and Marie had additional meetings and she never came through when it came to fulfilling his request for a full payment of $1.5 million. Carmel, Marie’s aunt, intervened and told the woman not to give the pastor any more of her winnings.

She even decided to take matters into her own hands, calling the pastor to let him know just how despicable she found his actions to be. The pastor did not know when to quit, though. It was at this time that he filed suit against Marie and he claimed that her refusal to provide him with the funds that he had asked for was causing him to experience a great deal of stress and anxiety.

We are shocked and appalled at this pastor’s disgusting behavior. How could he possibly arrive at such a high figure and how could he possibly feel as if he is entitled to any of the money that someone else won fair and square? It does not matter if he badgered Marie into a verbal agreement and unless a written agreement was established, he has no right to speak to her like this or file a suit of any kind.

This is one greedy pastor and we hope (and pray) that his case against Marie is laughed straight out of court. Frivolous suits like these are wildly unnecessary and only serve to draw attention away from legal procedures that are worthy of real attention. Please share this shocking story to raise awareness about this money hungry pastor and his selfish ways.

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