After 189 Days In A Hospital Bed He’s Going Home. Watch Dad Break The News To His Son

The child in this video is one of the bravest children that we have ever known and we cannot begin to fathom his level of courage. He has been through a very harrowing ordeal and he refuses to allow it to dampen his spirits in any way. Ari Schultz has been forced to spend a whopping 189 days in the hospital and we are hoping that this sweet little boy never has to see the inside of one again anytime soon.

His family knew that he was in for a long and hard road before he was even born, as his ultrasound let them know that he was going to struggle with critical aortic stenosis, in addition to a hypoplastic left heart syndrome that would continue to evolve. Without a surgery that took place within the womb, he would have been born with a mere two heart chambers instead of the usual four.

Ari became the very first person to have two successful heart surgeries before even entering the world and he’s been forced to go under the knife another twenty times throughout the course of his young life. Despite these insurmountable odds, Ari has carved out a typical childhood for himself, playing baseball with friends and loved ones and enjoying viewings of Harry Potter with his siblings.

A congestive heart failure destroyed all of Ari’s best laid plans and it took 211 days for doctors to find him a suitable donor heart for a transplant. Ari’s problems did not end there, though, as the heart that he was given was rejected by his body. He is far too sensitive to antibodies and once the body rejected the heart, another heart attack took place soon after.

He was rescued by medical personnel when his new heart stopped beating and after another series of procedures, his condition slowly began to improve. His health has now reached a point where doctors believe that he is ready to head home and resume a normal life alongside of his loving family.

Our best wishes go out to this brave little fighter and the family who loves him. No child should ever be made to suffer like this and we wish him all of the best going forward. Thanks to Ari’s indomitable will, there is no obstacle that will keep him from reaching all of his goals and dreams. Keep on fighting the good fight, little man!

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