19 Fruits And Vegetables That You Had No Idea Grew Like That

Unless you are someone who takes the time to study the growth process of different foods or you are a hobbyist of some kind, you probably do not maintain a close relationship with your food. However, it can be fun to learn about what the foods we eat look like while they are on the farm. These pictures will definitely boggle your mind.

The super stinky brussel sprouts that we all try our best to avoid actually grow on enormous stems.

The artichoke just so happens to be a very beautiful flower that wears a disguise.

Did you know that the kiwi grows on a vine? We legitimately had zero clue.

Cinnamon is actually derived from tree bark and there is a such thing as a cinnamon tree.

Peanuts actually do look like peanuts during the growth process. At least some things are exactly what they seem.

If you had never seen a cashew while it was growing before, you may have confused it for an apple.

When a caper is growing, it tends to take on the same appearance as a hibiscus flower.

The cranberry is harvested from a massive bog of cranberries and this is a mind blowing image.

We had no idea what a pineapple looks like while it is growing, but we certainly did not expect this.

Black pepper could easily be confused for berries, but please don’t ever bite into these.

Red lavender or quinoa? We’re not gonna lie to you, we are having a tough time telling the difference.

When almonds grow, they actually assume their final form while lounging inside of a shell.

We’ve all seen peas inside of a pod, but pinto beans? Who knew?

Dates grow inside of enormous clusters and when they are clumped together like this, they tend to resemble a chandelier.

When it comes to things that we didn’t know about the growth of fruits and veggies, eggplants actually being classified as fruits is at the top of the list.

Buying a bag of sunflower seeds from the gas station can be fun and we bet that you didn’t know that they come from actual sunflowers.

The jicama root looks an awful lot like a turnip when it is in its purest form.

An alfalfa sprout can be grown within the confines of a jar and we cannot believe it.

Just try and wrap your mind around the fact that mustard comes from a field like this one.

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