28-Year-Old Screams As Man Forces Himself On Her. Homeless Man Only One Who Answers Her Cries

When most of us picture crimes occurring, our minds tend to drift to images of shadowy criminals lurking about under the cover of darkness. Even when crimes take place during periods of broad daylight, most perpetrators have the intelligence not to commit these acts in places that are full of eyewitnesses who have the ability to point them out to law enforcement officials at a later date.

You would be forgiven for thinking that the last possible place to attempt to commit a heinous crime would be on a Brooklyn subway platform. After all, this is a well populated location and any criminal who is foolish enough to try and get away with a crime there would get stopped immediately, right? The apathy of bystanders can be an issue in these instances, though.

For some, the possibility of being injured or killed by intervening makes them become more reticent than they should be when it comes to stopping a crime from taking place. If a large group of people are watching a crime happen and no one else is attempting to put a stop to it, we often default to the idea of “if everyone else is staying put, then why shouldn’t I?”

On one fateful Wednesday morning, the Bergen Street station was the setting for just such a crime. A woman was in severe danger and no one else even lifted so much as a finger to assist. Luckily for her, one special man by the name of Maurice was on the scene and he was not willing to stand idly by. Alvaro Denica was trying to sexually assault a woman and Maurice sprung into action.

Alvaro chased the woman onto the platform and she cried for help as he forced himself onto her. Without a moment’s hesitation, Maurice punched Alvaro and he knew that his services were needed, as no one was making any effort to help the woman whatsoever. Not only did he stop the attack, but he also dragged the man into a police station to make sure that he would not be able to attempt another rape anytime soon.

The story of Maurice’s heroism has touched hearts everywhere and over $22,000 has been raised to assist him in finding a home. The proceeds have since been used to eliminate his student loan debts and pay his tuition for his upcoming medical assistant studies. His decision to step in when everyone else refused to do so is one that needs to be commended. Kudos to you, Maurice!

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