3,700-Year-Old Stone Tablet Gets Translated To English And Changes Course Of History

The University of New South Wales in Australia is the setting for this amazing scientific discovery. Dr. Daniel Mansfield is at the head of the team that is responsible for the findings and when they located a tablet that has been in existence for 3,700 years, they made an astonishing realization. The tablet was recovered from an ancient Babylonian settlement and according to the translation, trigonometry has existed since this time period.

The Greeks had traditionally received the credit for developing this mathematical innovation. However, the tablet provides solid and indisputable evidence that trigonometry principles were in existence for at least 1,500 years before the Greeks were thought to have come up with them. As you can imagine, this doctor and his team are very proud of this discovery.

The tablet is actually a table and is now believed to be the first of its type in existence. According to modern mathematicians, this table could even be used as a means of improving the way that we do trigonometry today. While you might think that the science world would be refreshingly free of haters, there were still some who felt it necessary to speak ill of this finding.

Most Twitter users who came across this revelation found themselves impressed with the findings and we share their enthusiasm. The prospect of history being a never ending process that allows us to learn more about aspects of historic civilizations that we had already considered to be as well researched as possible is an exciting one.

Stories like these make us feel as if there is much left to explore. After all, if one of the most commonly believed mathematical facts about the invention of trigonometry is in dispute, what could be next? Perhaps all of the “flat earth truthers” will be vindicated one day as well…who knows? (We wouldn’t bet too much on this one happening, though).

We would like to take this moment to congratulate the doctor and his hard working team for their findings. While there is always going to be some opposition when it comes to matters that involve scientific research, Dr. Mansfield has managed to eliminate just about all doubt in this scenario. Do you have any friends or family members who consider themselves science nerds or history buffs? If so, this is a story that you need to share with all of them immediately.

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