5 Hidden Secrets Disney Snuck Right By You

We all love Disney movies and while we know that many of them do not always teach lessons that are fully up to date (or perpetuate positive stereotypes), we are here to teach you more about the secrets that you may not have been aware of before now, so be sure to read on!


Frozen struck a major chord with audiences everywhere, as it provided Disney lovers with a much needed respite from the typical ‘damsel in distress’ story. Elsa’s isolation from the rest of the world is believed to be linked to her mental illness and when she sings “Let It Go”, this is thought to be about releasing oneself from mental illness stigmas.


Pocahontas is the story of a rather mature looking young woman who falls in love with Captain John Smith. The real story of Pocahontas, on the other hand, is not nearly so friendly. In real life, she was 10 and John Smith was 27. He took her back to England with him and this inappropriate ploy had a tragic ending when the child died from a disease that her body could not endure.


The Princess and The Frog also threw a unique twist on a typical romantic story, but this movie became problematic, as it encouraged children to kiss frogs. Can you believe that at least 50 little girls have contracted salmonella as a result of kissing frogs since the movie’s release?


The Incredibles would seem to be a story about a couple who does their best to fight crime while raising their children. However, there is a school of thought that believes Mr. Incredible is a philanderer and that there is a shocking amount of sexual tension between him and Mirage.


Aladdin would likely receive a great deal of criticism if it had been released in modern times. While this film is supposed to be set in an Arabic society, many of the customs and traditions that are depicted on screen are actually derived from the culture of India.

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