5 Tips To Help You Pick Out The Perfect Watermelon At The Grocery Store

When the summertime rolls around, one of the best parts of a hot and sweaty day outdoors is digging into a cool, juicy watermelon slice once it is all said and done. While we all love the taste of a delicious watermelon on a warm summer night, it can be tough to find the best one. If you would like to learn more about which watermelons are best, be sure to read on to learn more about the following tips.

For starters, we all know that watermelons are typically adorned with natural white spots from where the watermelon was resting on the ground. The best watermelons come with a spot that has a creamy yellow hue or an orange/yellow coloration. If you are selecting the watermelon that looks to be the cleanest, you are already making the wrong choice and are in need of some further assistance.

Have you ever seen the brown webs that are usually found on watermelons in a criss cross pattern? These webs are a way for you to find out more about their pollination process. The more webs that you see on the watermelon, the more bees that have visited the melon. When a watermelon has numerous brown webs, this is a sign that lots and lots of bees have visited and the melon should be super sweet.

Male watermelons tend to be taller than their female counterparts, but did you know that the female melon is actually the sweetest? They are usually rounder and shorter than male watermelons and while this should not be a surprise to most (because women are always sweeter than men, duh), this is a great tip that allows you to find the best melon possible.

The biggest melon is not always the best one and if you would like to find the best melon, don’t make the mistake of choosing the largest one that you see. An average sized melon is just as good! Lastly, avoid watermelons that have green tails. This means that the melon was picked too early and you are going to want to pick a melon that has a dry tail, because this melon was given the chance to become fully ripe.

Do you know any other watermelon lovers who are forever in search of the perfect melon? If so, please be sure to pass this story along and provide them with the assistance that they need. Don’t be greedy and try to hog all of the best watermelons for yourself!

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