6 Awesome Reasons Why Redheads Have Cause to Celebrate

Redheads all over the world had something to celebrate on November 5,  National Love Your Red Hair Day!

The “fun holiday” was created just a few years ago in 2015. It’s more of a social media campaign than a “holiday”.  The day is to encourage gingers to show off their redheadedness through photos.  About 2% of the world is redheads so this event is RARE, to say the least. The club includes Lucille Ball, Prince Harry, and Ed Sheran.

In case you didn’t know what makes gingers so cool we’ve created a list of facts about our fair skinned, red headed friends.

1. Rare

Of the total 2% of the population, the majority of redheads are found in Scotland at 13%, followed by Ireland.

2. Hand Dominance

Red hair is an indicator of “recessive” genes, those are the same genes that make it highly likely for your red-headed friend to also be left-handed.

3. Not Only Is It Red But It Is Thick

Gingers have thicker hair than most blondes even though they have fewer strands. That’s why their hair looks so full!

4. Sunny Superpower

One study found that red-haired people do not need as much vitamin D as others, because they can produce their own thanks to a specific gene mutation.

5. Tough As Nails

The same genes that give those beautiful manes of red also play a part in pain tolerance.  Most redheads have a high pain tolerance and even require more anesthesia to be knocked out.

6. Are You Even Rarer Than Most?

As if they weren’t rare already, most redheads have brown eyes, so if you know a blue-eyed redhead that is the unicorn of them all!

Did you know about this holiday? Are you a redhead or do you know someone that is?

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