7 Early Symptoms To Confirm Pregnancy Before You Miss Your Period


The thought of being pregnant can be the most beautiful feeling in the world and also really scary. Most of the time us girls have a sudden sense of panic and speed over to the closest drug store to pick up a pregnancy test to confirm/deny our suspicions but did you know there are a number of physical signs that can point towards pregnancy? See all the symptoms below…

1. Your breasts feel sore. This can be the first sign of the dramatic hormonal changes that occur during a pregnancy.

Acute pain in a woman chest. Female holding hand to spot of chest-ache. Concept photo with Color Enhanced blue skin with read spot indicating location of the pain. Isolation on a white background.

2. You experience shortness of breath. Your body’s essentially diverting resources to the fetus. Over time, the shortness of breath may become more pronounced.


3. You feel generally fatigued. If you’re feeling more fatigued than normal, you may want to take a test. Fatigue can occur for dozens of reasons, but pregnancy is one of them.


4. You’re nauseated. This is an especially important symptom if it occurs in the morning.


5. You start getting headaches. Again, this is due to hormonal changes. For the safety of the fetus, take acetaminophen instead of aspirin or ibuprofen. Better yet, check with your doctor.


6. Other body aches can also be an early symptom of pregnancy. Pregnant women often report frequent backaches during the first trimester.


7. You experience cramps or mood swings. This comes back to those hormone changes we mentioned. Remember, a pregnancy test is the only way to be sure!


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