9-Year-Old dog just wants a loving forever home before the holidays

A 9 year old dog, named Boss, is homeless ever since his original family couldn’t take care of him anymore.

Source: Atlanta Humane Society

He was dropped off at the Atlanta Humane Society (AHS) earlier this year. 281 days later, he’s still waiting for someone to adopt him!

As he gets older, his chances of getting adopted grow thin. He apparently loves snuggling and cuddles says the shelter.

Source: Atlanta Humane Society

Boss is a Staffordshire spaniel mix was in a foster hime for a while but has since returned to the shelter.

Source: Atlanta Humane Society

“His name, Boss, fits because when we walk around the neighborhood people look at him with respect and admiration because of how dignified he looks,” Deborah Lareau, his foster mom, told The Dodo. “But really his name could be Cupcake … He is sweetness dog-ified.”

Source: Atlanta Humane Society

A generous donor has agreed to cover Boss’s adoption fee if he can find a loving family. The shelter’s goal is to find him a forever home before the holidays.

“He loves belly rubs and running around in the yards outside,” Christina Hill, director of marketing and communications at AHS, told The Dodo. “He may be a senior citizen, but he’s got years of lots of love and fun ahead to give,” Lareau said.

Anyone interested in adopting Boss should visit the AHS at 981 Howell Mill Road in Atlanta, Georgia.

To see a list of the animals at this shelter who have been there for longer than three months, click here.

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