A ‘Boring’ Mom Gets Ambush Makeover, But She Ends Up Looking Worse Than She Did Before

Pranks can be hilarious when they are well thought out, but in many instances, they tend to be funniest to the people who are responsible for pulling them off. When they are properly executed, the victims may enjoy a few laughs as well. In certain instances, they may be too stunned to laugh or the prank may be in poor taste, causing them to react in an unfavorable manner.

While this does not always diminish the hilarity of the prank, there are times when it is best to make up with the person who you have decided to trick and/or frighten. Aimee Hardy recently visited the Today Show and decided to use this occasion to play a hysterical prank on her loved ones. The results definitely have to be seen in order to be truly believed.

The reason for her visit to the Today Show? She was to receive a makeover. Her family came along for the ride and they were present when the big reveal took place. They expected her to stroll out looking like a million bucks and what they were greeted with was something else entirely. Aimee’s mother was certainly not in favor of this transformation, that’s for sure.

Everyone else in the room was cracking up when Aimee came walking out looking like a werewolf. In order to make up for the prank, Aimee was asked to come back the next day for a proper makeover. However, Aimee was unaware that the producers had also arranged for her mother to receive a makeover that day and while she stepped out in a beautiful dress that wowed the audience, she had no idea what was about to happen next.

As for the rest of the family, they had been blindfolded before the big reveal. What a major difference one day had made! While Aimee’s initial prank was inspired and funny to most, her mother did not find it humorous. She was genuinely perturbed by the incident and we hope that this makeover was able to smooth over any hurt feelings that still persisted from the day before.

What are your thoughts about this prank? Was it uncalled for or was it the perfect setup for this mother’s makeover? Stories like these are definitely bound to inspire various reactions from your friends and family members. Be sure to pass it on in order to spark some fun debates.

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