After baby suffers second degree burns, family warns other parents about common danger

As children, we often found ourselves ignoring the advice of our mothers when it comes to the proper application of sunscreen. While it can sometimes be a hassle to remember to apply sunscreen, our mothers tend to know best and they simply wanted us to avoid the irritation and redness that would result from lack of usage.

Thanks to the advent of aerosol sunscreens, beach goers are now given the chance to simply spritz themselves and take off. However, a certain Canada manufacturer has run afoul of mothers across the country and Rebecca Cannon is one of these aggrieved parents.

Her daughter Kayla used Banana Boat’s aerosol spray on her face and suffered second degree burns as a result. Rebecca had taken the time to carefully read the instructions before applying the sunscreen and since Kyla was much older than the recommended age of six months, Rebecca saw no issue with her child’s use of the sunscreen.

Kyla did not even have to spend a long time in the sun for the undesired effects to take place. By the time the next morning rolled around, her face was full of blisters that were ready to pop.

The 14 month old child had a similar experience to 9 month old Loic, whose mother had applied the sunscreen to her son’s face, only for the little boy to experience second degree burns. Both mothers took to Facebook and warned other parents about their experiences.

For Banana Boat’s part, they have claimed that the products they create are safe to be used and neutral on the SPF scale. They believe that these children merely had an allergic reaction to the sunscreen and are not currently offering significant restitution to either parent. Please share this story with other parents, so that issues like these can be avoided.

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