After her 19-year-old son tragically dies, her daughter turns on the radio and hears his voice

One of the worst things that a parent can experience is the death of their child. A parent is supposed to be the one who is buried by their child and when the reverse takes place, it can be difficult for the parent to find the will to go on. The mother in this story was forced to endure this experience and when her 19 year old son passed away, she was struggling to find the will to go on.

This is certainly understandable and when instances like these take place, it is always nice to have people who care about you in your corner. Once her son passed away, this mother allowed the rest of her life to fall into a state of disrepair…..understandably so. When our children are taken away from us before their time, it can be tough to find the strength to carry out the most common daily tasks.

Her life went into a major state of decline and so did her finances. It is hard enough to get over the death of a child without having to deal with various financial issues and while this mother was trying her absolute best, this is not a struggle that we would wish on our worst enemy. Little did she know that help was right around an unexpected corner.

When she turned on the radio on one day, she had no idea that she was about to receive the surprise of a lifetime. Her daughter decided to intervene and when she contacted the radio station to ask what they could do for her deeply depressed mother, they came up with a solution that will bring a wide smile to the face of any reader.

The radio station graciously offered to provide her with a financial stimulus package that would allow her to make it through this difficult situation with her sanity in tact. They agreed to pay her mortgage for six months and when they found out that her son had begun the process of renovating her home when he passed away, they tacked on an additional $5,000 so that this project was able to be completed.

This is the sort of story that you may want to make sure that you have a tissue for. Our heart goes out to this mother and we wish her all of the best going forward. Our deepest condolences also go out to any and all family members who were affected by the passing of this fine young man.

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