After his wife left him, this man’s apology letter is going viral

This story begins in 1955, when a man got home from work and simply wanted to watch a boxing match without being bothered by his wife or children. However, this incident was the straw that broke the camel’s back and his wife ended up leaving him as a result of these demands, which she deemed unreasonable.

He was left alone with his children and he realized the error of his ways as a result. Instead of lending a helping hand to his wife, who was clearly unhappy with the current state of affairs, all he did was turn the television up even louder and try to drown her out.


Can you believe that this man even told his wife that he worked all day, just so that she could play with a “doll’s house”? Once his wife was gone, he got a taste of what it was like to take care of the children all day and the gravity of his mistake became more and more clear.

All it took was two days for him to understand where his wife was coming from for all of these years and the letter that he wrote shows that he took the time to truly consider all of the sacrifices that she had made.


Mothers carry the largest possible load in society and it takes a special man to recognize that and acknowledge their mistakes. Now that we’re all more cognizant of the sacrifices that women make to keep our families together, couples come together to share all of the duties associated with child care.


Thanks to the women’s movement, the days of women not receiving appreciation have come to a screeching halt. We hope that no other men screwed up as badly as this 1950s throwback and that you share this story with all of your friends and family members on Facebook!

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