After seeing this video, you will be convinced to quit smoking

When it comes to showcasing the long term effects that smoking has on the human body, it can be difficult to get the point across. People who smoke struggle to grapple with the physical aspect of their addiction and this forces them to ignore glaring facts that they should be taking into account. That’s why presenting these people with imagery like this is so important.

Sometimes, all it takes is one truly arresting visual image to change the mind of someone who has allowed themselves to fall under the powerful spell of nicotine addiction. This photo depicts a set of healthy lungs and while a smoker may feel as if they are too far gone to ever to get back to this place, those who quit can have lungs just like these if they so choose.

Now take a look at the lungs of the average smoker. Pretty gross, right? The difference between the two is quite literally night and day. If you would like to see more of this experiment, then be sure to check out the video below. Watching a hose pump air into the lung and seeing what happens next just might be the impetus that a smoker needs to reconsider their actions once and for all.

Smoking is one of the most deadly vices that we willfully embrace and while it is easy to understand how people get hooked in the first place, it is harder to understand why people continue once they are made aware of the error of their ways. In some cases, people will even quit smoking cigarettes and then decide to pick them back up again!

Why would someone ever willfully decide to put themselves through the arduous process of trying to quit smoking more than once? We do not understand why someone would ever behave in such a way and we sincerely hope that this set of images will make readers who regularly reside in tobacco country reconsider. By taking the time and effort to quit, you are benefiting in a number of ways.

Just imagine how good it will feel to be able to walk and run without experiencing any sort of unnecessary discomfort. Or how nice it will be to not be a nuisance to your friends and family members with your smelly butts. Please share this with all of your loved ones who allow themselves to be reliant on cigarettes as soon as possible.

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