Airline turns plane around and hands mom boarding pass, tell her that her son’s in danger

Airlines often receive a bad rap and passengers who have experienced delays will have horror stories to tell. But for one Southwest Airlines passenger who needed help, the popular airline was more than willing to come through in the clutch. They turned a plane around just before takeoff and their reasoning for doing so is quite touching.

Peggy was making her way to Columbus from Chicago and she did not know that her son had recently fallen into a coma back home in Denver. Since her phone had been turned off so that she could prepare for departure, the airline was contacted by her husband and Peggy was alerted about the tragedy.

The airline’s customer service representatives leaped into action and coordinated with the pilots. Takeoff was abandoned and Peggy was given a taxi back to the gate, giving her a much needed chance to speak with her husband about what had taken place back home before going back to Denver.

They rescheduled her next flight free of charge, gave her a private waiting area to relax in and allowed her to board first. Her luggage was rerouted and she was also provided with a packed lunch when she deplaned in Denver.

Stories like these serve as a valuable reminder that our airlines are here to help us during our moments of need and that they have our best interests at heart. Southwest Airlines went above and beyond for Peggy during one of her most heartbreaking moments and the service that she was provided is second to none.

She was not charged one extra cent for the assistance that she was provided and we are glad to see that they were willing to step up and help a person who was in the midst of a major trauma. Be sure to pass this story along to your closest friends and family members as soon as possible.


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