Airport Workers Are Disgusted When They See What’s Inside An Unmarked Crate

Airport workers are privy to some of the strangest discoveries in the world and this story that you are about to read certainly takes the cake. A Beirut airport crew recently experienced a shocking discovery when an unmarked crate arrived on the scene and you will not be able to believe what they found inside.

The box sat for nearly a week and when the crew finally heard cries of desperation coming from the inside, they decided to open it and find out what was taking place. The crate had three Siberian tiger cubs inside and we cannot imagine what would possess someone to do something like this.

While the crate was supposed to make its way to Syria, bureaucratic red tape prevented that from happening and the crate ended up in Lebanon instead. Judges ruled that the cubs were to be turned over to a local animal rights organization that had been campaigning for their eventual release.

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Animals Lebanon took the cubs in and they were able to survive this horrific ordeal. The animals were given the space that they needed to play and provided with the necessary medical treatment. The crate was sent without any indication of what was inside and the animals are lucky to be alive.

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All three cubs were supposed to have microchips and be shipped according to the established international regulations. Animals Lebanon argued in court that these conditions were not and won the case. It is now the judge’s responsibility to decide where these animals go from here and we hope that Animals Lebanon is awarded custody.

“Their paw pads were raw and red from being covered in urine, as were their back legs and thighs,” AL wrote.

“They had not received the proper vaccinations so all three were vaccinated. Only one tiger was found to have a microchip, though documents state that all three should have been microchipped.”

The charity is trying to keep the tigers, writing on Facebook: “Big cats can be worth tens of thousands of dollars on the black market. The owner is fighting to get them back.

“And we are fighting for the tigers.”

This story needs to be shared with your closest friends and loved ones, so that awareness can be raised about improper animal shipping practices. We are disgusted to see innocent animals being treated this way and we are happy this story did not have a sadder ending.

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