An adult version of the Little Tykes toy car is legal and it can go up to 70 MPH

Most people can remember when their parents got them their first car..A classic Little Tykes toy car that is! It’s a red and yellow plastic vehicle that you maneuver Flinstone’s style around the house.

As adults, toys like this bring us fond memories of just “being a kid” with not a worry in the world. Well, you adult-dreams are about to come true because brothers John and Geof Bitmead of the United Kingdom have recently created a motorized and street legal version of the Little Tykes toy car for adults!

The brother’s had originally built the car to raise money for a charity, but that never happened due to some unforseen events.

Instead, the brothers are selling the car for $32,000 to whoever is interested in buying it. Let me just say, if I had the cash lying around I would TOTALLY grab this thing!

Relieve your childhood by checking out the car in action below:

Update: It would appear that we, as a society, have failed. After a few underwhelming offers on Ebay, the Bitmead bros pulled their listing.

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