Man arrested after neighbor catches him dragging his dog behind his wheelchair

The idea that someone could ever abuse an innocent animal makes us angry to our very coree! We cannot understand what would bring a person to harm an animal that has never wronged them in any conceivable way. Thankfully, more and more states are taking action against these types of people, so that animals are no longer being injured or killed by them at the same rate.

This unbelievable story takes place in Texas, where a dog was dragged by a man with the use of a motorized wheelchair. This poor German Shepherd was being dragged down a sidewalk by his owner, until one woman saw the horrific event taking place and decided to intervene.

Melissa Torrez was out for a drive in her Mission neighborhood when she saw the man abusing his dog and while most people might have decided to simply mind their own business and keep on driving, Melissa is not most people.

She immediately asked the man what he was doing and told him to stop, only for the man to tell her that it was his dog and he could treat the animal any way that he saw fit.

Melissa then threatened to call the police and the man was not deterred, as he was under the misguided and wrongful belief that he was allowed to continue his repugnant behavior. She took video of the incident, which made it a true open and shut case once the authorities finally arrived on the scene to put a stop to the man’s awful actions.

We are thankful that the world is full of people like Melissa, who are willing to take a chance and step forward when animals are in need of their help. Please pass this important video along to all of your closest friends and family members as soon as possible.

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