Artist Diagnosed With Schizophrenia At 17, Draws Her Hallucinations To Cope With Her Disorder

Kate is a young artist who is trying her absolute best to cope with schizophrenia. In order to deal with her mental disorder, she draws her hallucinations. Take a closer look at some of her most interesting illustrations.

This illustration is emblematic of her many hallucinations and offers a glimpse into the mind of a schizophrenic teen.

Her mind will often resemble a Van Gogh painting and these swirly and warped images let us know what she is experiencing.

Bugs are a regular part of her hallucinations and this image demonstrates the lack of worth that she feels.

This hallucination is particularly terrifying, as Kate often sees it crawling out from underneath various household items.

When she looked into the mirror and found this image staring back at her, she decided to recreate it with paint.

Voices tell Kate to set things on fire and she combats them with pictures like this one.

She’ll often see disembodied eyes and while they move and warp, they will also surface in random mounds and piles on the floor.

This illustration introduces us to Kate’s friend Birdie, who signs to her in times of distress.

Kate’s self esteem can dwindle from time to time and this illustration is all about her desire to shape shift into a different personality.

The oddly colored eye in this photo serves as a visual representation of what Kate sees.

Managing emotions and communicating are some of her biggest struggles and art is how Kate expresses these issues to the world.

Living with schizophrenia is not easy and it can be debilitating, but Kate is determined to shed light on her disorder. Every schizophrenic has their own unique experience and Kate is here to provide valuable insight through the magic of art. Please share this story with your friends and family members. More info: Instagram

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