Artist Turns Her Parent’s Home Into The Spookiest Haunted House Ever – Take A Look Inside

The prospect of altering our parents’ home in any way can be a scary one. After all, our parents tend to be older and stuck in their ways. This makes it hard for them to accept sudden change and they will typically want to leave well enough alone. Christine McConnell decided to go against the grain and the results have to be seen in order to believed.

The bar has now been raised when it comes to the best Halloween decorations. Christine is a very talented artist and she was able to draw on those skills to transform her parents’ home completely. It took her four grueling days of work, but it is hard to argue with the results. The attention to detail that has taken place here is arguably the most impressive part.

This house now looks like something out of a big budget Hollywood horror film. Even Tim Burton would be hard pressed to match the effort that was put in here. The house was given its own very own eyes and teeth. In order to create this super creepy illusion, she painted foam core boards by hand. The finished product was so incredible, people asked to take pictures before it was even finished.

Even people who happened to be driving by the residence decided that they had to stop and take pictures. While Christine has decorated her parents’ house in the past, she says that she has never received a reaction like this one. We cannot even begin to fathom the level of creativity that it takes to create this sort of masterpiece.

Simply put, this just might be the creepiest haunted house that we have ever laid eyes on. Christine even gave the house a row of frightening teeth to make the finished product look even spookier. Halloween is a very fun holiday that allows our creative juices to flow in a special way. Christine’s project is literally jaw dropping and we are jealous of those who get to reside in this San Francisco neighborhood.

While they get to see this house on a regular basis, we will have to content ourselves with these awesome photographs. Be sure to take a moment to pass this story along to the Halloween aficionados in your life. The decoration is absolutely to die for and this house is sure to be the envy of many!

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