Ashton Kutcher rescued 6,000 victims of sex trafficking, says they all have 1 thing in common

Ashton Kutcher may be best known for the silly roles that he has played in a number of movies and television shows, but what he has been working on lately is far more important than any form of entertainment. He has become an outspoken proponent for social justice and he does far more than simply talk the talk…this is a man who walks the walk.

One of the many causes that he champions is putting an end to the world of human trafficking. This global phenomenon is sweeping the planet and hundreds of thousands of innocent children are affected as a result.

Thorn: Digital Defenders of Children, an organization that was started by Kutcher with an eye towards saving those who were most affected, was able to save several thousand children within the past 12 months alone.


While you might be forgiven for thinking that all of these cases take place under different circumstances, the sad reality is that there is one common thread that unites them: they were all trafficked with the use of the Internet. Criminals have adapted to our new digital world with relative ease and the lives of innocent children are placed at risk as a result.

Kutcher’s organization recognizes the importance of targeting those who use the Internet for human trafficking purposes and the tools that they have developed have been effective. Some were shocked to hear him say that all of the potential victims he helped to save have the same thing in common, but this is a harsh truth we all have to confront going forward.

Please share the clip below, so that awareness can be raised about the dangers that are associated with human trafficking. We commend Ashton for using his platform to help others and we wish him all of the best as he continues to fight these injustices.

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