Babies are born 18 hours apart, then photographer notices name tags and alerts parents

Christiana Shifflett was like most mothers who spend their pregnancy fantasizing about baby names. She had decided that she wanted her unborn daughter’s name to start with a J in order to match her son Jonas, it took her a little while to find the right name that suited her unique requirement.

She would eventually go into labor and give birth to her daughter at the Coastal Carolina Hospital. From there, Edwin and Morgan Hernandez would also arrive at the same hospital and the couple had previously decided that they were going to name their new bundle of joy after a singer that they had a mutual admiration for.


While these two stories would seem to be completely unrelated to one another, their babies would cross paths in a special way and provide us with a story for the ages. The babies were born just 18 hours apart from each other and when a photographer who was asked to snap photos arrived on the scene, she made an interesting observation.

Once she came to her realization, she then decided that she needed to take pictures of both babies at the same time and once you find out what her reasoning was for doing so, you will not believe your eyes.


These two newborns share an amazing connection and this video goes to show that incredible occurrences are always hiding around every corner. If you would like to find out more about their connection and the effect that it had on their parents, be sure to check out the video below in its full entirety.


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