Baby’s Face Was Eaten By A Raccoon. 11 Years Later Doctors Give Her What She Always Wanted

If you are the type of person who believes that all animals make for wonderful pets, this story is definitely bound to change that perception once and for all. Charlotte Ponce was the unfortunate recipient of a raccoon attack due to the erroneous idea that they would make for a good pet in a home where children live and we are sad to think that a three month old baby would be forced to experience this type of trauma.

The pet raccoon made its way into her crib and immediately began to chew her face. The family believes that the raccoon simply wanted some of her milk and chewed Charlotte’s face because they smelled the milk she had just drank on her. The attack left the little girl permanently disfigured, as she lost part of her right cheek, in addition to her upper lip, nose and right ear.

Charlotte’s parents were stripped of custody after this horrific and the child was placed in the custody of Tim and Sharon Ponce. Charlotte’s disfigurement also left her feeling very depressed and she did not display the same desire to participate in social activities as other children in her age group.

A series of reconstructive surgeries were performed in hopes of fixing her face and the most crucial operation took place in 2013. The doctor who performed this operation decided to remove cartilage from the little girl’s ribs, so that it could be used in hopes of growing a brand new ear and reducing the amount of overall disfigurement.

In order to allow the new ear to grow, the cartilage had to be placed into the little girl’s arm. Once the ear was finished growing, it was used to replace the one that had been mauled by the raccoon. Can you believe that Charlotte was finally able to wear her very first pair of earrings at the age of 14? We are glad to see that this surgery went off without a hitch and that she was given a whole new lease on life.

Please share this story as a valuable reminder that we can overcome any obstacle that life places in front of us. While Charlotte was understandably depressed by the prospect of living life without a normal looking face, her refusal to allow her patience to wane in the face of such despair definitely serves as a lesson to us all.

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