Basketball coach’s daughter died in a house fire, he then notices her jersey hung on a chair

James Perez was a troubled teenager just like any other, but he was saved from a life of crime and despair by a great basketball coach named Dan Moore, who showed him a better way. Moore pulled Perez off the dark path that he was walking down and referred to him as his son, changing his life for the better in the process.

20 years have gone by since Dan intervened and changed the course of his life for the better and James now works alongside of him as an assistant coach. James finally had a daughter of his own (named Elli) and she became a basketball star in her own right. The daughter and father would even have sit downs after each game.

However, tragedy recently struck and Elli perished in an untimely house fire, leaving James heartbroken and grief stricken. Her mother and her step family were also killed in the fire and when the basketball team heard about the news, they rallied around James immediately.

The pain that James was experiencing was unbearable and indescribable, so the team knew that they would need to be there for him in his hour of need.

Dan Moore stepped up to the plate in a major way, creating a basketball jersey with Elli’s name emblazoned on it. While he did not know if it was appropriate or not, it was a step that he was willing to take in order to ensure James’ happiness. The jersey now resides in a place of honor, as each player pats it before taking the court.

This bittersweet video will definitely have you reaching for the Kleenex and once you have finished watching it (and drying your eyes), be sure to take the time to pass it along to your friends and family members on Facebook.

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