Bride Keeps One Thing From Dad’s Funeral. Two Years Later, He’s Walking Down The Aisle With Her

When we lose parents, it never gets any easier. Once we have laid them to rest, we are constantly reminded of their absence as we grow older. The pain becomes particularly profound when we reach certain milestones. Weddings are a special event that changes our entire lives and when our parents cannot be present for the occasion, this can cause a great deal of heartache.

Kait was a bride to be who had laid her father to rest two years before she decided to walk down the aisle. He succumbed to lung and brain cancer and would not be able to make it for the big day. Even though her father would not be there, she still found ways to honor him. A seat was saved for him and all of the members of the bridal party wore commemorative pins. Bennet, her soon to be husband, also wore a boutonniere with a commemorative pin.

Photo displays of her father were set up at the wedding reception. Everyone who attended this ceremony was already well aware of the role he played in the bride’s life. While he could not make to the wedding itself, his presence was still felt. When her father passed away, Kait saved one special keepsake from his funeral. The sight of this memento left numerous attendees in tears.

She had preserved the flowers that were presented at his funeral service. Kait also dried them with this special day in mind. Since her father could not walk her down the aisle to give her away, this was the next best thing. The most incredible moment took place when the happy couple walked down the aisle for the first time after being pronounced man and wife.

The guests took the dried flower petals and tossed them up in the air. This meant to symbolize the love that her father was showering her with from heaven. If any further evidence was needed of Kait’s father’s presence on this special day, guests also took photos of some stunning light beams that were shining down during the ceremony.

Kait knows that her father would never miss her wedding, even if he was physically not able to attend. This is one of the most moving stories that we have ever heard and we urge you to share it with your closest friends and loved ones. The people we treasure most never truly leave us when we find special ways to commemorate them.

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