Bullies called him ‘bunny rabbit’, then his community rallied to give him a new smile


Being a child is not always easy and this is especially true for children who are different from the usual norm. The hardships that are associated with growing up are already challenging enough, without having to deal with all the slings and arrows of their cruel classmates.

Evan Hill was a kid just like any other, but he consistently got teased for his looks. His buck teeth caused him to stand out and while most kids would much rather fit in, he was never given this opportunity and parents everywhere can certainly empathize with his pain.


The kids would call him awful names like “bunny rabbit” and Evan longed for an appearance that would allow him to avoid these sorts of taunts. However, his parents could not afford to pay for him to have his teeth fixed, as the procedure would force them to mortgage their home.

Luckily, Evan’s community decided to step up to the plate and help the little boy’s dreams come true. A local news outlet picked up the story and when it spread to New Zealand, people decided that they wanted to contribute to Evan’s cause and make his days of being bullied a thing of the past.

It took five years of doctor visits for Evan’s teeth to be fixed and this past March, his braces were finally removed for good. His transformation was incredible and as you may have imagined, the young man’s confidence is now at an all time high….all because of the generosity of others.

The family also used the monetary surplus from the procedure to assist other children who are in need of dental assistance. To check out Evan’s transformation for yourself, take a moment to click on the video below and share it with your friends and family on Facebook.

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