Bus driver breaks the rules, brings shivering stray dogs on board to keep warm during storm


While some of us definitely love a good thunderstorm, there is certainly nothing fun about getting caught outside in one. Humans have the luxury of knowing when a storm is coming and finding cover before they have a chance to experience a torrential downpour, but our four legged counterparts have no such luck.


Dogs do not have this luxury and they find themselves trapped in storms on a consistent basis, especially if they are strays who do not have a home to call their own. A stray dog does not have the same level of options that we do, unless they are fortunate enough to find a hiding place that is not occupied.


In some instances, people notice these animals when they are suffering and offer them shelter from the storm. In other instances, they are left outside to weather the inclement conditions on their own.


This story takes place in Argentina, where one special bus driver decided to take pity on the stray dogs who find themselves without a place to go during thunderstorms. A colossal storm was taking place in Buenos Aires and the bus driver noticed that there were two stray dogs who could not locate shelter.


While most would have kept right on driving, this bus driver elected to save the two poor pooches from the horrific weather conditions that they were being exposed to. However, the laws of Buenos Aires state that dogs are not supposed to be allowed on public transportation.

The bus driver decided to take a risk and allow the animals onto his bus, despite the fact that the passengers were bound to take pictures. If his caring actions inspired you, be sure to spread this story around and share it with your closest friends and family members on Facebook as soon as possible.

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