Bus flips over in an alligator infested pond, then a 10-year-old saves 27 children

When we first heard about this nightmarish story of a bus that contained 27 children flipping over into a pond, our first instinct was to imagine all of the doom and gloom that took place as a result of this occurrence. Not only did the bus flip over, but it had the misfortune of flipping over into a pond that was filled with massive alligators.

Fortunately, there was a special hero on the premises that day, a hero who was able to save these children from a very uncertain fate. Nicholas is just a ten year old boy, but he is living proof that heroes can come from any place at any time. He works as a crossing guard for his school and he is already well aware of the importance of safety, making him the perfect person to handle the situation.

Can you believe that he was able to rescue all of the other children on the bus from this difficult and frightening scenario? All of the children who were crying and yelling for help around him did not faze him in the slightest. He grabbed several kindergartners himself and personally escorted them to dry land. What an amazing and selfless feat of heroism.

It is not clear at the moment what caused the bus to flip over and we are just glad that all of these children are okay. By all accounts, the bus began to experience problems with its brakes and no matter how many times the driver pumped them, the vehicle refused to come to a stop. These children were forced to experience a great deal of trauma as a result.

Parents were understandably full of fear and panic when they initially heard the news. Little did they know that a hero had come along to save these scared children in the nick of time. While most of the parents dropped everything that they were doing in order to rush to the scene, they would soon realize that Nicholas had everything under control.

Everyone on the bus made it out with their life intact. It is a miracle that only one child on the bus sustained even minor injuries. This boy’s amazingly brave actions definitely deserve all of the praise and we implore you to share this story with everyone that you know. Nicholas is one child who is certainly destined for greatness in his future.

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