California Lawmaker Is Facing Prison Time For Spanking His 7-Year-Old Daughter

Joaquin Arambula is a California lawmaker and in December, he was arrested. It wasn’t for anything that people would have seen coming, it was an accusation of abuse of his 7-year-old daughter. As you can imagine, any type of abuse case would be a scandal for an elected official but the type of abuse in this case is particularly notable. He is being charged with child abuse for spanking his daughter.

We all realize that people tend to take a very hard stand on spanking, either on one side or the other. One group of people who have been rather interested in the subject lately are child behavioral experts. According to a 50-year study, spanking children alters their behavior for the worse. It was found that those who were spanked as a child were more likely to show anti-social tendencies later in life.

Regardless of which side of the line you happen to fall, perhaps we could meet in the middle and say that, even if you use spanking as a means of discipline, you probably wouldn’t want to announce it to the world. Even the laws associated with disciplining your children are blurred, to say the least. In California, which is where Arambula lives with his family, it is not illegal to spank your children but if the force is ‘unreasonable’, then it is a problem.

Perhaps the degree to which this lawmaker punished his child is being called into question more than anything else. There isn’t a lot of public information on the case but it is known that his 7-year-old daughter went to school after being spanked and told the teacher. The district attorney said that an arrest was made and the children were placed in temporary custody due to the fact that the injury was ‘not on the buttocks’.

Perhaps there is something more extreme happening in the home but that has yet to be seen. More details will be available once the case goes to court on March 13th.

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