Can You Guess The Right Answer To This Wheel Of Fortune Puzzle?

A recent Wheel of Fortune puzzle left viewers from all over the world baffled recently and for good reason. When a photo of the brain teaser was shared on Twitter this past May, tens of thousands of likes and re-tweets came pouring in. The suggestions also came pouring in and while some of them were predictably filthy, many made a legitimate attempt to solve the puzzle.

As the solutions came pouring in, more and more people got in on the act and Wheel of Fortune achieved the sort of viral boost that is typically reserved for more youthful programming. “Suck it dork” and “suck at work” were just a couple of the common suggestions and we are certainly not going to be talking some of the more ribald ideas that came pouring in from the peanut gallery.

As the old saying goes, the Internet remains undefeated. As the unsolved puzzle continued to circulate and a wider range of ideas were ventured as to what the answer was, it became obvious that the prospect of making jokes certainly outweighed the prospect of actually getting the puzzle right. We can’t say that we blame them and we all enjoy a good laugh.

The best part of all? The actual contestant on the show was able to solve the puzzle rather easily. While we ended up having to stare at it for several minutes and venture various wrongful guesses, it took the aforementioned Wheel of Fortune player all of one minute to get to the bottom of things. We certainly commend them for resisting the urge to make a filthy joke on a nationally syndicated television show.

Truth be told, we would have had a hard time resisting the temptation in this instance and we have a great deal of respect for the contestant. The puzzle’s solution ended up being far more simple than you might have expected and while the concept of a more adult version of Wheel of Fortune might be a long ways off, we are here to enjoy this moment while it lasts.

By the way, just in case you were wondering….the actual solution to the puzzle is so simple, you’ll be smacking your forehead and wondering why you didn’t already think of it. Your first thought may have been “suck it work”, but in reality, the answer was actually “back at work”. Thanks for playing, readers!

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