Cashier Buys Cop’s Dessert. When Couple Behind Cop Throws A Fit, He Never Expected What’s Next

This story is a prime example of the old axiom about no good deed going unpunished. If you have ever done something nice for someone else and ended up receiving backlash because of it, this is definitely a story that you are going to have no trouble relating to. When nice people attempt to do kind things for others and get in trouble for them, it can make them more hesitant to do good deeds in the future.

The Texas teen that you are about to meet will certainly think twice before performing random acts of kindness in the future. A gesture that was performed out of thoughtfulness got him into trouble and we cannot believe it. Zach Randolph works at a cookie shop in a Texas mall and when he offered to pay for a cop’s cookie, the resulting backlash was stunning to see.

While the office was grateful for the gesture and opted to pay for the cookie anyway, the next family in line took umbrage. They began to berate the boy and demand a free cookie of their own, even calling him a racist in the process. The husband of the family threatened him with violence and attempted to go behind the counter to hurt the boy.

A coworker was able to diffuse the escalating situation before both parties came to blows. The upper managers of the company even wanted to fire the boy, but his manager refuted this idea and let him know that he had not done anything wrong. The idea that someone could get fired for performing a simple act of kindness on behalf of a police officer hurts our heart.

Not only was he placed on a week long suspension from his job, but he was even written up for the “offense”. After Zach’s mother wrote a heartfelt Facebook post about the incident that went viral, the company recanted. They eventually revoked the young man’s suspension and admitted that they had been in the wrong for how they handled the situation.

A teen showing this type of respect and reverence for law enforcement is rare enough as it is. The family who was in line behind the police officer ought to be ashamed of themselves for such actions. Thankfully, cooler heads prevailed and Zach was given the proper recognition. Keep on being the light that you are, buddy!

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