Category 4 Monster Atlantic Hurricane Set To Hit The United States This Week

As residents of Houston and Texas as a whole try their best to overcome the aftermath that has been caused by the arrival of Hurricane Harvey, a new storm has emerged that is slated to cause a great deal of panic for residents of the southeastern United States. Irma has already been categorized as a Category Three hurricane and is expected to become a Category Four within days.

The storm could be one of the worst that the nation has ever seen and there are some experts who believe that it could become a Category 5 before things are all said and done. If the storm strengthens to Category 5, the winds will top out at well over 180 miles per hour and wreak havoc on everything in their path. The hurricane is expected to make its initial landfall in the eastern portion of the Caribbean very soon.

There are also various computer models that suggest the storm will have an impact on the Gulf of Mexico and the state of Florida. The wind speeds that are being projected are among the highest that experts have ever seen and while Irma’s exact path is not currently known, those who reside in the areas where the storm is projected to touch down are doing their absolute best to prepare the worst.

The Weather Channel believes that Irma’s exact path will pass through the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Antigua. This is a hurricane that we will all need to keep a close eye on, especially if we have friends and loved ones who reside in the areas where it is slated to have the most impact. The destruction that could be caused may be catastrophic.

At times like these, it behooves us to be as proactive as possible and while there are many who will not be able to evacuate the areas that are slated to cross Irma’s path, this story needs to be shared with a much wider audience. By sharing this story with a wider audience, you can decrease the amount of risks that are being taken by those who feel as thought they can ride out the storm.

In the meantime, be sure to take time out to watch this informative video, so that you can learn more about Hurricane Irma. Educating yourself as much as possible is always in your best interests, especially during times like these.

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