Cheating husband makes creepy move on married woman, her reply is going viral

We live in a world where social media provides us with a whole new set of challenges when it comes to remaining faithful to our significant other. Since we have unprecedented access to one another through the magic of social media, it can be tough to contain our base urges. Most of us manage to do so with very little difficulty, but the husband in this story struggled to do so and his story is now going viral.

There’s no easy way to turn someone away when we are not interested in their advances. One woman on Facebook learned this the hard way when she engaged in some relatively harmless political banter with a stranger. The man decided to take this conversation as an invitation to send her a private message and the contents of this message are certainly not appropriate coming from a married man.

He did not receive a response from the woman and instead of simply accepting her lack of interest, he decided to send another message that only contained one question mark. She elected to humor his efforts by letting him know that she was definitely flattered, but she could not take him up on his offer because she was already happily married.

The man was given TWO chances to walk away from the conversation with his dignity intact and his decision to press the issue is as dumb as it is bewildering. He told her that he was also married, ready to have an affair and that he was willing to keep the whole thing under wraps. The woman finally reached her limit of what she was willing to tolerate.

She took screenshots and these screenshots eventually made their way onto a very popular image sharing website known as Imgur. Since the wife’s husband had remained by her side during her recent battle with cancer, this man’s messages came across as particularly distasteful. As you can imagine, this caused them to spread quickly.

This exchange is equal parts disturbing and encouraging. On one hand, you have one man who is willing to disregard his martial vows completely. On the other, you have a truly dedicated wife who understands how deep her husband’s love runs and is not willing to place that in any sort of jeopardy. This amazing story needs to be shared, as it will definitely spark an interesting conversation among you and your friends.

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