Chihuahua Falls 30′ Down Cliff. When 911 Can’t Help, A Jogger Answers Dog’s Prayers

This is the story of an adorable little Chihuahua who just so happens to go by the name of Courage. When his owners brought him to see Puget Sound, all of the sights and sounds had him very excited. He could hardly contain himself and he could not wait to make his way out of the car to see everything that this tourist attraction had in store for him.

As soon as the car door was opened, he went flying outside, as dogs have been known to do in situations like these. While his willingness to sprint as fast as his tiny little legs were able to carry him was commendable, our little pal did not know that he was on the verge of hurtling over a precipice.

He had no way of knowing that he was sprinting in the direction of a very high bluff and before he knew it, he was tumbling over its edge. Poor Courage did all of the clawing and scratching that he could to regain his footing, but it was all for naught. He fell a whopping 30 feet and let out a yelp to let his humans know that he was experiencing distress. He took a hard spill and his front leg was in a great deal of pain.

Vivian, Courage’s owner, looked on in complete shock and horror at the scene that had just unfolded. Two passerby noticed what had taken place and immediately contacted 911, receiving a timely transfer to the animal control section. However, they could not provide Courage with the help that he so desperately needed. Fortunately, a helpful jogger arrived on the scene to offer assistance.

Tyson is a rock climbing instructor who works at a local gym. While he was ready to call it a day, he reconsidered once he heard about the animal’s plight. Since Tyler happened to be a Chihuahua owner himself, his heart went out to the poor pup and he sprung into action. Within minutes, he had grabbed up his gear and was making his way down the cliff to rescue Courage.

The rescue was as special to Tyler as it was to Courage. It offered him a sense of closure after his family had just lost a Chihuahua one week earlier. Vivian is very happy to have Courage back and we are glad that this story did not have the ending that we initially feared. Courage’s broken leg is expected to heal without issue and we implore you to share this awesome clip with your dog loving friends and family members.

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