If Your Child Says They Are Doing The ‘Blue Whale’ Challenge Stop Them Before It’s Too Late

In a world where there is seemingly a new viral challenge every week, it can be tough for parents to differentiate one from the other and keep their children safe. Have you heard of the Blue Whale challenge? If not, please be sure to read on and find out more, so that you are able to ensure the continued health and well being of your youngsters before it is too late.

This online game is already going way too far and claiming the lives of children everywhere. There are already two families who have attributed the deaths of their children to this challenge and it is believed that there are more fatalities that have yet to be reported. One father from Texas who was forced to lay his son to rest says that he had no idea that his child was actively planning to end his own life.

Jorge Gonzalez went through an experience that no father should have ever to, finding his son Isaiah’s dead body in his closet after he had used his cell phone as a method for recording his own suicide. The challenge takes place over the course of several weeks and there are numerous dares that children are required to complete, all of which are very dangerous.

Once all of the other dares have been completed, the last dare is to commit suicide. Participants for the challenge are found by stalkers who utilize online chat rooms to prey on weak teens who are struggling with mental issues. In many instances, kids who end up partaking in the challenge are coerced by adults who threaten them.

When Isaiah’s father first learned of the game, he warned his son not to partake, but his warnings were all for naught. Now Jorge has turned his attention to assisting other parents and letting them know about all of the usual warning signs. Parents should definitely take the time to check their child’s cell phone and their social media accounts to make sure that they are not at risk.

Please take time out to share this story with all of your friends and loved ones who have children of their own. It only takes a few moments and you just might be saving a life in the process. We sincerely hope that “challenges” like these fall by the wayside in the future, as there is no real reason for them and they are only causing innocent children to get hurt.

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